Am I eligible for registration?

The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, as in force in each state and territory (the National Law) sets out eligibility requirements to be registered as a paramedic. In addition, the Paramedicine Board of Australia (the Board) has registration standards, which detail requirements of gaining and maintaining registration. While the final decision is with the Board, this is a good starting point to determine whether you are eligible for registration.

To be eligible for registration, you must be qualified and a suitable person.



The National Law requires that, in order to be qualified for registration, you must satisfy one of the following:

You must hold an approved qualification
These are compiled in a list determined by the Paramedicine Board of Australia (the Board).


You must hold an accepted qualification
This is a Diploma qualification issued by the NSW Ambulance Service.


You are qualified or competent to be registered if you:

hold a qualification or have completed training that the Board considers adequate


hold a qualification and have completed training in paramedicine and have also completed further study, training or supervised practice required by the Board


have completed five years of practice over the past 10 years and satisfy the Board that you are competent to practise paramedicine.

The National Law specifies that a suitable person to hold registration can meet all of the following criteria:

You have no impairment that, when practising, would be a risk to the health and safety of the public.

You have no criminal history that the Board deems as making you unsuitable for registration.

You don’t have outstanding regulatory issues including disqualification, cancellation or suspension as a health care practitioner in any jurisdiction.

You have suitable English language skills.

You satisfy the Board’s recency of practice requirements.

You satisfy the requirements of all of the Board’s registration standards about suitability for registration.

You are not for any other reason not a fit and proper person or not competent to practise safely.

Page reviewed 12/06/2018