From late 2018 paramedics must be registered with the Paramedicine Board of Australia (the Board) and meet the Board's registration standards in order to practise in Australia.

Your registration will be recognised in all the states and territories of Australia and your name will be included on a public register of practitioners which is managed by AHPRA.

From late 2018 you will not be able to call yourself a paramedic (or hold yourself out to be a paramedic) if you are not registered with the Board, as it will be a title protected under the National Law.

Registration standards define the requirements that applicants and registrants need to meet to be registered. The registration standards are developed by the Board and approved by the Ministerial Council under the National Law.

The Board will also develop codes and guidelines to provide guidance to the profession.

More information about the registration process for the other regulated professions can be found on the AHPRA website.

Who needs to register

The Board will issue guidance on this website about the registration process and when practitioners need to be registered. To be eligible for registration, you must be a qualified and a suitable person.

Page reviewed 10/01/2018