Past Consultations

Where there are consultations which have closed, they will be shown below along with the individual submissions that were received and considered.

Where there are consultations which are open for input, they will be shown under Current Consultations.

Public consultation on the draft guideline for informing a National Board about where you practise

The Paramedicine Board of Australia has published a consultation paper on the draft guideline for informing a National Board about where you practise.

Released: 13 April 2018
Closes: 25 May 2018

Submissions received are available on the Past Consultations page of the AHPRA website.

Proposed registration standards

The Paramedicine Board of Australia released consultation papers seeking feedback from stakeholders on the proposed registration standards for:

  • English language skills
  • criminal history
  • professional indemnity insurance arrangements
  • continuing professional development (and supporting guidelines), and
  • recency of practice.

The Board also consulted on a registration standard regarding grandparenting for paramedics who don’t have an approved or accepted qualification. This standard will provide pathways for those practitioners to demonstrate that they are qualified for registration as a paramedic.

Released: 19 December 2017
Closed: 8 February 2018

A range of submissions were received from 41 different stakeholders, some of whom elected not to have their submissions published, some who elected to remain anonymous and others who agreed for their feedback to be published. All feedback eligible to be published is listed below.

Submissions received:


Criminal history

English language skills




Exemption from Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Public submissions are available on this website for transparency on our consultations regarding important matters affecting paramedics.

We publish submissions in their original format as made by the submitter. If you have difficulty accessing a submission, please contact AHPRA at, and we will try to contact the submitter to provide an accessible version of their submission for your reference.

Please note that submitters are asked to provide their submissions to our public consultations in web accessible formats, and we guide them on how this can be achieved. We will update inaccessible submissions on this website when accessible format versions of files become available.

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