Accreditation Committee

The Paramedicine Accreditation Committee (Accreditation Committee) has been appointed by the Paramedicine Board of Australia (the National Board) to exercise accreditation functions for the profession.

Committee members

  • Prof Eileen Willis (Chair) 
  • Mr Alan Morrison (co-Deputy Chair) 
  • Dr William Lord (co-Deputy Chair) 
  • Mr Martin Nichols 
  • Dr Helen Webb 
  • Mr Richard Larsen 
  • Mr Anthony Hucker

Terms of reference

Under its Terms of reference, the Accreditation Committee is responsible:

Accreditation standards: For developing accreditation standards for paramedicine programs of study, for approval by the National Board.

Education providers: For assessing and monitoring programs of study and education providers against the approved accreditation standards.

The Committee is not responsible for setting registration standards, registering health practitioners, or investigating complaints about health practitioners.

Page reviewed 31/03/2021