Paramedicine Board of Australia - Prepare to apply: eligibility for registration
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Prepare to apply: eligibility for registration

Demonstrating your qualifications for registration

Read the information provided by the Board about being qualified and suitable for registration and ensure that you able to demonstrate that you are both qualified and suitable for registration before applying. If you are relying on having a substantially equivalent qualification, or a relevant qualification combined with successful completion of the Board’s competency assessment to be qualified for registration you need to have had your qualification assessed and correspondence received from Ahpra before applying for registration.

Demonstrating that you are qualified and suitable for registration

The National Law sets out eligibility requirements to be registered as a paramedic. In addition, the Board has registration standards, which detail requirements of gaining and maintaining registration. While the final decision is with the Board, this is a good starting point to determine whether you are eligible for registration.

To be eligible for registration, you must be qualified and a suitable person.

Page reviewed 1/12/2021