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The details of qualifications for general registration are available below.

Approved qualifications

An online search of approved programs of study across all professions includes the approved qualifications for general registration as a paramedic.

The Paramedicine Board of Australia (the Board) has approved the Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA) accredited programs of study as providing a qualification for the purposes of general registration under section 310 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, as in force in every state and territory (the National Law)1.

Substantially equivalent qualifications 

If you hold a qualification that the Board considers to be substantially equivalent, or based on similar competencies to an approved qualification, you will be qualified for general registration in paramedicine2.

The Board has determined the following qualifications are substantially equivalent or based on similar competencies, to an approved qualification.

  • Auckland University of Technology – Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedicine (New Zealand)
  • Whitireia – Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic) (New Zealand)

Accepted qualifications 

If you hold one of the following qualifications issued by the Ambulance Service of New South Wales, you are qualified for general registration in paramedicine3.

  • a Diploma of Paramedical Science
  • a Diploma of Paramedical Science (Ambulance) or an Advanced Diploma of Paramedical Science (Ambulance) 
  • a Diploma in Paramedical Science (Pre-Hospital Care) or an Advanced Diploma Paramedical Sciences (Pre-Hospital care)  

Qualifications for general registration under grandparenting 

The Registration standard: Grandparenting sets out the Board’s requirements for an application in general registration when you do not hold an approved, substantially equivalent or accepted qualification and wish to apply under section 311 of the National Law that provides for alternative ways of proving you may be qualified for general registration as a paramedic.

The Board will publish and maintain lists on its website of qualifications or training it has assessed as meeting the criteria outlined in the grandparenting provisions of the National Law

Qualifications will be added as they are endorsed.

Section 311(1)(a) pathway - list of "adequate" qualifications

Section 311(1)(b) pathway - Diploma level qualifications with the required hours of supervised practice

Section 311(1)(c) pathway - experience and competence

If you wish to apply for general registration as a paramedic before participation day4 on 1 December 2018, but you do not hold a qualification listed on the Board’s website, you may be required to provide:

  • a brief practice history
  • evidence of adequate qualification(s) obtained, and/or
  • evidence of training or further study undertaken, and/or
  • evidence of supervised practice completed, and/or
  • a statement of service, and/or
  • position descriptions, and/or
  • a detailed practice history, and/or
  • other evidence of your practice, employment or experience.

Check whether you are eligible for registration.

1Under s310 of the National Law, the Board has until participation day to approve or refuse to approve, a Council of Ambulance Authorities’ (CAA) accredited program of study, as published on the CAA’s website.
2Under section 53(b) of the National Law.
3Under section 312 of the National Law.
4The day prescribed by regulation after which an individual may be registered in paramedicine under the National Law.

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