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New transitional arrangements policy for English language registration standard

01 Nov 2018

To help with the transition of the paramedicine profession into the National Regulation and Accreditation Scheme, the Paramedicine Board of Australia (the Board) has released a Transitional arrangements policy for the English language skills registration standard (English language standard).

The English language standard requires all applicants for registration to demonstrate that they can speak and communicate sufficiently in English. That’s because as a paramedic, you must be able to listen to and respond to a patient’s concerns and preferences.

Currently, there are four pathways through which you can demonstrate your competence in English, including three education pathways and an English language test pathway. Paramedics who completed their schooling and qualification for registration in Australia will meet the standard through the combined secondary and qualifications or training pathway.

The Board has recently identified that there are a small number of paramedics who have been practising for a substantial period of time in Australia who will not meet any of the education pathways in the English language standard and will need to use a testing pathway.

These practitioners are in a unique situation, as they have a substantial history of satisfactory practice in the paramedicine profession in Australia. Accordingly, to prevent any potential adverse effects on the workforce, the Board has developed a specific Transitional arrangements policy for these applicants, which is open for paramedics applying for registration before 28 February 2019.

The transitional arrangement policy allows for an additional English language test consisting of a practical assessment by an approved Employer. This pathway is only open to applicants who have been practising paramedicine in Australia for over five years. You can find out more about the Transitional arrangements policy and the criteria you need to meet on the Board’s website.

Not sure how you’ll meet the English language standard?

The way you may meet the English language standard will vary based on your background and experience.

We’ve developed some resources to help you find the pathway that’s right for you, including:

English language standard pathways flow chart. How do I meet the English language standard? Information flyers. How do I meet the English language standard? Poster.

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