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Paramedics: Welcome to the National Scheme!

30 Nov 2018

Tomorrow paramedicine becomes a regulated profession.

The titles ‘paramedic’ and ‘paramedicine’ will become protected by law and only people registered with the Paramedicine Board of Australia (National Board) will be able to call themselves a paramedic.

National Board Chair Associate Professor Stephen Gough ASM describes it as a milestone for the paramedicine profession. ‘After many years of debate, deliberation and sustained effort, paramedics will be joining over 700,000 other registered health practitioners in a national regulatory scheme that has public safety at its heart,’ Associate Professor Gough said.

‘While paramedics have always had the patient at the centre of everything they do – showing compassion, understanding and empathy to those they provide care – the past two decades have also seen the profession grow in complexity; paramedics are now working in a range of roles and environments, using sophisticated treatments and technology, to provide world class services to Australian communities.

‘Regulating paramedicine under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (National Scheme) acknowledges the critical role paramedics play in our health system and recognises paramedics, in their own right, as registered health professionals,’ Associate Professor Gough said.

1 December 2018 also marks just over two years since the COAG Health Council announced its intention to regulate the paramedicine profession, with the inaugural National Board appointed in October 2017.

AHPRA CEO Martin Fletcher said, 'over this time, stakeholders across the profession, including governments, jurisdictional ambulance services, and private and volunteer organisations, have worked together to make sure that all eligible paramedics are well prepared for regulation.

‘Since registration opened at the beginning of September 2018, we have had over 16,000 paramedics apply for registration, which is in line with the estimated number of eligible paramedics across Australia. This is a fantastic response and indicates that the profession is engaged and ready for regulation.’

Registration as a paramedic is open to all qualified and suitable persons and is available to those who work in non-clinical as well as clinical roles.

Those who have applied for registration as a paramedic before 1 December 2018 can continue to use the title paramedic and be employed as a paramedic until their application is decided. In some limited circumstances, those who apply after 1 December 2018 may be able to continue to use the title paramedic and be employed as a paramedic until 28 February 2019. (See fact sheet for details).

Further information on the regulation of paramedicine and registration of paramedics can be found on the Paramedicine Board of Australia website or by emailing AHPRA on

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