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Paramedicine Board of Australia freeze registration fee for 2020–21

18 Sep 2020

The Paramedicine Board of Australia (the Board) has announced the national registration fee for paramedics for 2020–21.

The Board has frozen the registration fee for paramedics at $282.

The fee for practitioners whose principal place of practice is New South Wales is $2821.

A full fee schedule, including the fee arrangements for practitioners whose principal place of practice is NSW, is published on the Board’s website.

The Board is committed to keeping the fee as low as possible.

The Board’s decision to freeze the fee for the 2020–21 period after considering the current COVID-19 environment and ensuring the Board has sufficient income to carry out its regulatory functions in protecting the public.

The Board recognises that this is a challenging time for health practitioners and sincerely thanks practitioners for their continuing commitment and professionalism. The Board and Ahpra have also adapted existing regulatory approaches to support practitioners during this difficult period including introducing a COVID-19 financial hardship payment plan. To read more about the payment plan, including how to apply, see the Ahpra COVID-19 updates page.

Board Chair, Professor Stephen Gough said, ‘that is important that we all look at ways of reducing the financial burden on individuals wherever possible and these decisions are a real way that we have been able to make a contribution for the benefit of others at this time’.

Practitioner registration fees fund the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme and support the Board’s continuing efforts to support and develop a safe and mobile Australian workforce for registered health practitioners and the public in the most efficient way possible.

Registration fees also allow the Board to facilitate the provision of high-quality education and training for practitioners.

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1NSW is a co-regulatory jurisdiction.

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